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Online Materials Management Centre

E-build endeavors to provide an innovative and value-added process of online ordering of materials management at the right price, the right time at superior quality.

E-build plans to provide builders with an online materials management solution that is efficient, cost effective and timely.

E-build plans to integrate all aspects of ordering, purchasing, storage and delivery into one online process for builders, big or small.

E-build will focus on the provision of materials management by planning and projecting material quantity, suppliers and prices - costly and timely process for builders if they were to coordinate it on their own.

E-build recognises the need for a fast, inexpensive ordering and delivery process for building materials that incorporates all activities set out in the Gantt chart and Action plans.

E-build promises to fulfill orders and delivery of quality materials at competitive prices, while at the same time maintaining a high level of service and commitment to clients.

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E-build could be the key to your next strategy.

Register your interest now.

E-build is currently not in operations, but you can register you interest in its services, either as a client or supplier now through the guestbook, or by mail.

PO BOX 1019
Chatswood NSW 2057