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The e-build Management Team

Our Business Philosophy

E-build strives to provide the ultimate online process of materials ordering and management for SME building organistions. There is a need for builders to maintain their building and action plans with few variations, and in the materials field, no other has utilised the growth of technology and communication elements and integrate it into order fulfillment and materials delivery in the building industry.

Our Company

E-build is built upon individuals who are entreprenuerial and focused on the vision. The aim of the business is to give builders a chance to utilise the growing amount of opportunities that are available to them online, in the form of offering building supply and delivery services on the internet.

The organisation understands the need for builders to efficiently and effectively order their materials and promptly deliver those materials on-site on the day that they are needed. This means more cost effective processes and a more convenient way of handling materials that are expensive and meets the needs of the critical path.

The organisation is based around the philosophy of individualisation; suppliers and clients are ministered to directly and on a one-to-one basis. And because the business is not a large conglomerate, there is a strong emphasis on strong, long term relationships among all business stakeholders.

There is a general need in the building industry for some sort of materials handling management. Of course, builders may employ someone with specific experience to handle materials physically, however, the growth of technology and online selling has been enormous enough to accommodate a niche market for e-build where builders can place orders and receive their materials through a prompt delivery service.