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e-build is based upon three core elements:

1. Online Orders and Transactions

This first step involves placing orders through this online storefront. This is substantially made up of online ordering systems, where the orders are placed directly into e-build's database and matched up with the appropriate suppliers/product/prices.

2. Data ware housing

Data warehousing is a critical component in managing builder's materials. E-build gradually collects data about their clients, and matches their material needs with the appropriate suppliers. Through the online transactions, builders can specify 3 search criteria for their building materials:

1. Which brand of product they wish to order
2. Which supplier they wish to order from
3. Type of product, regardless of supplier or brand
4. Which general category the product belongs to

By choosing at least one of the criteria above, you can pinpoint exactly what type of product you want, which we will subsequently order and deliver for you on time through an efficient and prompt delivery system.

3. Delivery and Logistics

E-build's philosophy is to deliver the building materials to the builder, on site, on time, concurrently with their Gantt Charts and Action Plans. This perhaps means, gaining a copy of your Gantt chart, and organizing the materials to be delivered the night before they are due for use on site.

This guarantees that you will not be faced with delays or keeping their materials on site for a number of weeks, where there is a risk of vandalism, weather related damage or theft. Ebuild plans on integrating a small warehouse where materials are kept beforehand, just before they are due to be delivered.

With a just-in-time system such as this, e-build can develop a superior system than those used by current retailers. This means that clients will get their materials faster, cheaper and in better condition.

How to Order

E-build is currently in the establishment stage of its ordering and delivery processes.
We will be offering our services and operating very soon!